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Mayweather vs Alvarez Tickets

Mayweather vs Alvarez tickets are now available to purchase. On the very first day that the fight was officially announced to be on September 14, 2013, there are lots of boxing fans who send us an email to be notified once the tickets will become available.

A day after the official announcement, TicketNetwork, the leading ticket provider has already tickets for the fight. Lots of tickets on that day were being sold. There are thousands of subscribers all over around the world, from Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, even the countries in Asia. They are willing to spend for this fight. Tickets are sold like hot cakes on the very first day of ticket availability.

So you should be hurry in purchasing your seat reservation. What are you waiting for, buy Mayweather vs Alvarez tickets now while there are available. Click on the view tickets link below and choose a seat where you feel comfortable to watch the fight.

We will also announce here or send you an email (if you have subscribed to us), when the tickets go on sale. Discounts from 25% to 40% will be applied to ticket prices depending on the availability. So subscribe to receive updates when the tickets go on sale.

Mayweather vs Alvarez is considered by many boxing fans as the biggest fight for this year, this is more than what we are expecting from Pacquiao vs Mayweather.

This is a prediction of the many that became a reality. This fight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez was predicted by some fans after Mayweather announced last year that he will be fighting twice in the year 2013. The two fighters are very hot and determined to win. They should be very focused on their training. As we all know that both of them have no losses yet.

If you can’t go to MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on the fight night to watch the fight, then you can watch the fight right from your home as you were watching it at the event arena because we will be delivering to you a HD Mayweather vs Alvarez live streaming on that night.

Subscribe now and receive links where to buy tickets if it goes on sale or receive links for the live streaming on the fight night.

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